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1989 Editions

I will be adding pictures of all the following Roberts Raikes Bears that I have in the 1989 Edition.  Cookie (Grey), Cookie (Brown),  "Second Christmas Edition" Green Elf, Red Elf,

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1989 Santa
This is number 8 of 7,500

Double Signed - Certificate & Hand Tag.  Has white wooden beard and wears traditional red and white Santa outfit and stocking cap.  His fur is white. SOLD

1989 FIRST Mothers Day Edition - Annie
3514 of 7500 - Double signed

FIRST Mother's Day Edition "Annie" - 3514 of 7,500 - Certificate - Hand Tag.   Box worn from years of storage.eSOLD

Liza with Kevin Roth Tape
107 of 10,000

107 of 10,000 - Double Signed - Certificate - Hand Tag.  Kevin Roth tape is attached.  This bear is in a seated position and holds a Kevin Roth cassette tape.  She wears a pink and white dress and pink hair bows.   ONLY FLAW is her white collar is showing some color difiguration.  I have checked with several other owners on EBAY selling Liza and it seems they also have this discoloration around the collar.   Must be the material it was made of.   All my WHITE bears were kept in and enclosed in glass curio cabinet.   SOLD

Saturday Matinee Collection - Bonnie
Number 8311 of 10,000 - Double Signed

8311 of 10,000 - Double Signed - Certificate - Hand Tag (slight crease or bend in tag).    Dressed in blue denim skirt, red and white gingham blouse, white petticoat, red cowgirl hat; neckerchief. Fur is beige.  Box worn from age. eSOLD

1st Collector's Club Convention Edition
Pirates of The Pacific - 1361 of 2500- Double Signed

"Pirates of the Pacific" Billy Bucaneer & Mlady Honeypot - Double Signed - 1361 of 2,500 - Certificate - Hand Tag.  These bears have dark brown fur.  Serial numbers match.  Billy Buccanneer has wooden peg leg and is dressed as a pirate in black velvet coat, colorful bandanna, an eye patch.  M'lady Honeypot wears a black skirt and hat and gold satiny blouse.  Box worn from storage. $200.00

Saturday Matinee Collection - Jesse
Number 6897 of 10,000 - Double Signed

6897 or 10,000 - Double Signed - Certificate - Hand Tag.  Box worn from storage. eSOLD

"Saturday Matinee Collection" Lionel
Double Signed - AP217 of 10,000

AP (Artist Proof) 217 of 10,000 - Double Signed - Certificate - Hand Tag(front creased).  Dressed in striped blue train engineer overalls and cap, and a red neckerchief.  Box worn and bent from storage.  SOLD