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1993 Editions
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The Picnic Pair - Alex and Allison
Numbered Alex 5241, Allison 1427 of 7500-Double Signed

Alex 5241 Allison 1427 of 7,500 - Double Signed - Certificate - Hand Tag.This set has never been out of box except to be double signed. eSOLD

Tom Sawyer
4413 of 5,000

Number 4415 of 5,000 - Certificate & Hand Tag.   Wears a country blue shirt, bandanna, blue and white striped pants and big straw hat.   He has a wooden fishing pole and one wooden fish!    $55

The Picnic Pair - Alex & Allison
Numbered Alex 2339, Allison 870 of 7500

Alex 2339, Allison 1427 of 7,500.   Certificate - Hand Tag. SOLD

Becky Thatcher
Number 4998 of 5000

Number 4998 of 5,000 - Certificate - Hand Tag.   Wears a beautiful full-length country blue plaid dress, oversize matcing hair bow, and cream colored hooped underskirt.  Her fur is light brown and she has a unique open mouth.   eSOLD

"5th Disney World Edition" Dilly Dew Drop
Ballerina - Double Signed - 14 of 250

14 of 250 - Double Signed - Certificate (bent from storage in box) - Hand Tag was not issued with this bear.   Dressed in bright pink & lavender tutu.  Her fur is white.  This piece was made for the 1993 Disney World Convention. SOLD