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Raikes and Collectibles
1988 Editions

I will be adding pictures of the following Robert Raikes Bears that I have from the 1988 Edition -   "First Christmas Edition" -  Mrs & Mr Santa,

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1st Collector's Club Bear - Black Club Terry
Membership number is:

Club number 2165 - Black Club Terry undressed bear with a gold neck bow.  This piece was given to new Club members between approx. 1988 - 1990.   A personal Club Membership number was hand written on the foot.   This bear is also being sold with the Club Member ship card. $95

Number 2931 of 10,000

2931 of 10,000 - Double Signed - Certificate - Hand Tag.  Dressed in light colored plaid vest with peach collar, wearing wire spectacles.  He as dark brown fur.   This piece was named after Robert Raikes Son.   eSOLD

Home Sweet Home Collection - Emily
Numbered 3480 of 10,000 - Double Signed

3480 of 10,000 - Double Signed - Certificate - Hand Tag.   Slight scratch on nose but hardly noticeable.   Box worn from storage.  SOLD

Number 6993 of 7,500

6993 of 7,500 - Double Signed - Certificate - Hand Tag.  Dressed in pink cotton dress with dainty flower pattern and lacy trim; pink hair bow.   Her fur is cream/white.  $95

Home Sweet Home Collection - Jenny
Numbered 4567 of 10,000 - Double Signed

4567 of 10,000 - Double Signed  - Certificate - Hand Tag.   Scratch on forehead and cap elastic has stretched.   Her CLOTHES DO show age but she is in good condition.    Box is worn from storage. $45

Number 2874 of 7,500

2874 of 7,500 - Double Signed - Certificate - Hand Tag.   NO BOX.   When made his face has some flaws with his varnish finish not really all that noticeable but I want to mention it.   Also with age his clothes are dull looking, alot of this again is due to age.    Dressed in a light blue and white playsuit, white shirt and tiny bow tie.  Fur is dark brown.  $45