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Raikes and Collectibles
1990 Editions

I will be adding pictures of the following Robert Raikes Bears that I have from the 1990 Edition.   Santa 1990,

   I will consider offers. 
 Prices DO NOT included Shipping.
Payments can be made through PayPal.   BUT I am  not set up to accept a credit card payment through them.

Camp Grizzly Collection - Jeremy
Double Signed - 2572 of 7500

2572 of 7,500 - Double Signed - Certificate - Hand Tag.   Dressed in shorts, camp shirt, scarf and vest, and wearing a "Camp Grizzly" cap.  Box worn from storage. eSOLD

1990 Mother's Day
Charlotte and Toby

7289 of 7,500.  Certificate - Hand Tag(price sticker was attached here $148.50 I have left it on)  "Second Mother's Day Edition" Charlotte & Toby: On a wooden pedestal. Mother is dressed in long off-white dress and bonnet. Baby is in a wooden stroller. Both have dark facial coloring. Mother has reddish brown fur; baby has white fur.   BLUE sticker you see in picture is the original $148.50 price tag. - eSOLD

Camp Grizzly Collection - Wendell
Number 47 of 7,500

47 of 7,500 - Double Signed - Certificate(certificate is bent somewhat as Wendell has been sitting on it in his box) - Hand Tag.  Dressed as Camp Master in Smokey Bear hat, backpack, camp shirt, pants, suspenders and whistle.   ONLY FLAW is shoulder strap to back pack in back has been slightly sun-bleached. eSOLD