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Raikes and Collectibles
1991 Editions

I will be adding pictures of the following Robert Raikes Bears that I have in the 1991 Edition. "Fourth Christmas Edition" Nicolette, "Third Disney World Edition" Kris Kringle, "Merbears by the Sea-Bear Show in Lincoln City Oregon"Cookie,

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Third Editiion "Mother's Day"
Lucille & Daphne


This is a un-numbered piece

Tag Attached - this piece was un-numbered and did not come with box or certificate.  Undressed medium brown bear with prominent snout, floppy non-jointed legs, wooden footpads, and a wooden pin that says "Raikes Bear". SOLD

Papa Bear
First Father's Day Bear

Double Signed - This bear was not numbered and did not come in a box.  Dressed in a plaid vest, with red hat and bow tie.  Fur is biege.   SOLD