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I will be adding pictures of the following Robert Raikes Bears that I have in the 1992 Edition. "5th Christmas Edition" Kathie,

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Robert Raikes Collector's Club Bear - Francie
Number 30 written on one foot

#30 written on one foot, hand signed by Robert Raikes on other foot.  Certificate is DOUBLE SIGNED by Robert Raikes - Hand Tag.   Dressed in soft pink checked dress, hair bow.   End of sleeves and hair bow elastic has stretched from age.   She comes with a wooden ducky pull toy. SOLD

Number 23 of 250

4th Robert Raikes Collector's Club Convention Edition.
23 of 250 - Double Signed - Certificate - Hand Tag.   SOLD

FIRST Disneyland Editon - Clown Bear
Number 5 of 25 - Hand Signed by Robert Raikes

Number 5 of the FIRST 25 sold at the 1992 Disneyland Convention.    This exact bear was also sent to Linda Mullins to be in her 2nd Revised Edition "The Raikes Doll & Bear Story".   Picture is opposite Table of Content Page.   Gray Acrylic Fur, carved wooden face and footpads;hand painted clown face;inset plactic eyes, jointed arms, unjointed floppy legs;swivel head.  Dressed in purple & fuchsia clown outfit and hat.    The piece did not come with box.  SOLD

Santa Bear
Number 5238 of 7,500

5238 of 7,500 - Certificate - 1992 Bear with white wooden beard and eyebrows, wearing typical red and white Santa outfit, cap and big black boots.  $65