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Raikes and Collectibles

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I've been collecting Raikes Bears since 1989. They have been displayed on an open shelf, and part of my own personal collection in a non-smoking home. Since retiring in July 2003 we have come to realize we will soon be downsizing and with this will be selling most of my Raikes Bears. We've moved to our house in Greenbank, WA. There is no way this house will be able to hold my huge collection. All are up for sale.

All need to be let out of their boxes so they can stretch.

All prices are not final.   I will consider offers.

Robert Raikes Bears
Me and my Robert Raikes Bears

REFERENCE WEB SITE: "House Of Bears", web site listing Robert Raikes Bears, names and years created. This will also give you an approx value of Raikes Bears.